Mascot Character for Hawaii


Honu (Sea Turtle) is a symbol of good luck, and guardian angel of families.

Hawaii gives you a warm welcome with Aloha Spirit.

In Hawaii, the sun shines bountifully over the deep blue sea, and rainbows shimmer in the sky.

He passionately promotes the attraction of Hawaii using the special skill of hula dancing, and is the team captain of 

“Wannabe Goodwill Ambassadors for Honolulu”


Punalu’u Black Sand Beach of Hawaii Island



[Special skill]

Hula / Ukulele(Intensive training)

[Favorite food]

Rainbow Shave Ice / Malasada

He has a special hobby in his life. It is, treasure hunting.

On his treasure hunting story, here is a message from him to you.



at 8:30pm in Japan time / FM Blue Shonan 78.5MHz

2nd radio broadcast

Kahua & Honuppi's "Relax-joy Alo-happy"

※It is possible to listen it on "Simul Radio" even if you don't live around Shonan.

■1st radio broadcast (01/Feb/2019)


Locomoco Sunset Feel The Mana "IMUA" 2020

at 13:00pm in Japan time Start!



Please subscribe to Locomoco Sunset official channel.


Okinawan Festival in Hawaii Convention center

8/31 SAT 15:00-15:30 Okinawa Experience Room(3rd floor)

9/ 1 SUN 12:30-13:00 Yuimaaru Room(3rd floor)

Let's dance together​!!

【31/Aug, 1/Sep】

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